The Message calls it "dog dung".  Other Bible translations call it garbage or rubbish.  Literally, when he wrote it in Greek, the word that Paul used is skubula.  Philippians 3:8 It means "*!@X&#*!"  Crap, did I just say that?  Paul did.

Skubula.  Offal.  Excrement thrown on the top of excrement.  That’s what Paul said.  Everything that Paul once held out before his mind as of supreme importance, he now considers skubula.  All of his ambitions and work, all of his pride and achievements, all of it he says is worth a pile of poop.  All of it, that is, when compared to the surpassingly greatness of knowing Jesus.

Compared to knowing Jesus, there is no comparison.   That’s why everyone gets so stressed out and dissappointed or eventually left empty by everything else.  There is simply nothing better than knowing Jesus.

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