Pastor Schmaster part 2

Heroes Is pastoring an individualistic practice?  We seem to place a "hero" mentality on a pastor. 

What I find interesting about the current "Heroes" series on TV is their redefinition of a hero.  There is not one super-hero.  Superman doesn’t exist in this series.  Instead, there is a team of strangers, wanderers, who are drawn into community in a common cause.

Could it be that "community" plays a major role in the practice of pastoring?

Let me add this Henri Nouwen quote to the mix:

"True ministry must be mutual.  When the members of a community of faith cannot truly know and love their shepherd, shepherding quickly becomes a subtle way of exercising power over others and begins to show authoritarian and dictorial traits.  The world in which we live- a world of efficiency and control- has no models to offer to those who want to be shepherds in the way Jesus was a shepherd… The leadership about which Jesus speaks is of a radically different kind from the leadership offered by the world.  It is a servant leadership… in which the leader is a vulnerable servant who needs the people as much as they need their leader."

-Nouwen, Henri.  p.63 In the Name of Jesus


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