In the Name of Jesus ~ by Henri Nouwen

Henri_nouwen_in_the_name_of_jesus prayer + ministry + being led = leadership.

That’s Henri Nouwen’s math according to his book, In the Name of Jesus.  Henri Nouwen presents a threefold paradigm for Christian leadership that contrasts with most other Western leadership models associated with power and control.  Nouwen believes that “the world in which we live- a world of efficiency and control- has no models to offer to those who want to be shepherds in the way Jesus was a shepherd.” (62) Nouwen suggests that the effective Christian leader will move from cultural relevancy to a mode of prayer; move from the temptation of popularity to a posture of ministry; and move from leading others to being led by others. (91-92)

Leadership is possible, according to Nouwen, when a person reclaims their “unadorned self,” an identity without relevancy that is “completely vulnerable, open to receive and give love regardless of any accomplishments.” (28) Nouwen is convinced that… (read on…)

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