Real life at Starbucks

Last Sunday morning I stopped at Starbucks for a grande-vanilla-latte-extra-hot.  I was still a bit weary-eyed from too little sleep the night before.  In the line just in front of me was someone I thought I knew.  She had the same hair style and color and the same coat and height.  From a quick glance it was definitely Haley.  I said "Haley!" from behind her… but she didn’t turn around.  So I did what any determined-extroverted-encourager would do in my situation:  I took out my gloves and whacked her in the back.  You know, just to say hello.

Well, this someone I thought was Haley turned around and looked at me with gaped astonishment.  The only thing I could think to say was "Oops.  You’re not Haley."  This someone said, "You don’t know me… and yet you just whacked me on the back with your gloves."  All I could say was, "Yes, that’s true.  I’m a dolt."

No moral to this tale, friends.  Just real life according to my deficiencies.


  1. No, you are not the only crazy-acting person in this world, Kelsey. But I don’t know about the effectiveness of this approach for the Hub. I’m not sure whacking people in the back really is a good strategy. 🙂 It’s better than whacking people in their rumps, I suppose… or maybe it isn’t. Hmmm.

  2. LOL. Thats great ken!I thought I was the only person in the world that did crazy things like that!We should really consider trying this as a new approach to bring new people to “the Hub”.It may turn out to be quite effective!

  3. It was hilarious! I couldn’t believe how well this psuedo-Haley responded! She was so calm and unfazed by the fact that this stranger had just hit her in the back. I’m just glad I did it before she got all hopped up on caffeine. She might not have been so calm 30 minutes later— she ordered some triple-shot-espresso concoction right after I whacked her.

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