prayer for students at Virginia Tech

Newt1_vatech_mon_08_wdbj My heart goes out to the students and faculty of Virgina Tech today.  I pray that God will be so very present with them and bring his peace to such a terrible situation.  I pray for the families and friends of the many students who were killed today.  I also pray for Campus Crusade, IVCF and other ministries on campus- they will be needed this week and in the weeks to come.  It makes my heart grieve as I consider the horror and pain the campus is experiencing.  How long must this world groan in anguish?!  Come, Lord Jesus! 


  1. UPDATE: I received another email from the Campus Crusade staff this morning. Four of their students were killed. One student survived, but was one of only two in his classroom to live. He is very shaken up. The staff ask us to pray for their times of praying, talking and crying with students and families today. One of the CC staff is going to be interviewed today on a Cleveland TV station… so pray for that as well. Lastly, on a personal note from the staff, they ask: “Pray for our kids and the other children of Blacksburg. There were out of school today and will be tomorrow, and there were several professors who were parents who were killed or injured.”

  2. Hey just wanted to add that the ripples of this event have hit home here at Rocky with some students in Calgary. There are some family connections to a couple of the victims that are in the hospital in critical condition. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated for some of the students here and for the ones in the hospital fighting for their lives…

  3. I got an email from one of the campus crusade staff workers at Virginia Tech today. She is thankful for our prayers and communicated how this event has touched their students, some of whom were killed yesterday. She appreciates us continuing to pray for their conversations with students, faculty and families this week. Here’s a link to their page:
    And here’s a link to InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s Virginia Tech chapter:

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