Unstoppable Force

          It is not unfitting to suggest that our society needs local church to boldly engage with the message of Jesus Christ.  The events of this week make it every so blatant that our world needs God and needs believers to  practice bold love, bold truth, and bold faith.  The church is not a retreat for believers to hide from gun fire and tragedy.  The church exists to love God and to love the world the way he does.  The church doesn’t exist in order to be a Christian clubhouse.
         In his book, An Unstoppable Force, Erwin McManus offers an inspirational argument to engage the culture
with boldness empowered by the unstoppable power of God.  The Church,
McManus believes, is an agent of transformation in this world, not a
refuge for believers. “Within every local church, an apostolic ethos is
waiting to emerge.”   The last place a church should be, in McManus’
view, is a retreat center for Christians.  To this he adds: “Too often, the church becomes our secure place, our
haven from the outside world.”  Instead of monastic retreats set aside
from the fears of culture, McManus urges, churches should be known as
bold movements engaging and shaping the activities of the world.
        McManus’ optimism regarding the potential of the local church
is tempered by an appropriate level of stern critique regarding current
trends and conditions.  He contends that the contemporary church has
settled for… (more…)

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