zachary’s “new” animals

6a00c22524204e604a00c2252ab4518e1d2Inspired by the creativity of Napoleon Dynamite, my son has invented several new animals.  The following are his favorites right now.  Maybe you can think of some others?  Hope you enjoy… or fear:

Relephant – Half rabbit, half elephant.  It is very large!

Sealbra – Half seal, half zebra.  Good swimmer, good runner!

Simloraffe – Half simlodon, half giraffe.  Really really tall!

Simloyote – Half simlodon, half coyote.  This hunter is so fierce, it could hunt any animal that it wants.

Kenmaysour– Half zebra, half horse.  Stripey, and not stripey.


  1. I know! I got freaked out seeing pictures of them on line. He’s going to think he had something to do with it when I tell him. By the way, how’d you get so smart, Mark?

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