Good Bye Dear Plum

We finally had to bid farewell to our trusted Plum yesterday.  The separation did not occur without tears and wallet pains.  But we decided that this animal had lived long enough… and it was time to put it to sleep.

The Plum had been so good to us.  I remember well when the Plum ramped into a pile of steel on a highway in Washington State- blowing out all four tires and destroying the engine block; I’m impressed by the continent-crossing, not just once, but three times (once on a trailer, once driving, and once on a train!); I think fondly of the trips to Florida and Maine and Minnesota and Oregon; I loved the Plum for helping me get to Wrigley, Fenway, Yankee Stadium, Camden Yards, Riverfront, Shea, Safeco and even Busch.  Kathy and I kissed more than once in that car and we talked too- for hours and hours about life, love, faith and family.  All three of our kids rode countless miles in the Plum.  It followed us from Indiana to Vancouver to Rhode Island to Vancouver Island to Calgary.  Oh, did I love the Plum.

We bought the Plum in November of 1994!  That’s 12.5 years ago.  The price was $12,000- which we paid off in four years.  Yeah, it only had a cassette player and manual steering and roll-down windows.  But essentially it cost us less that $1,000 per year for that cute little purple pal.  Maintenance until this last year was not really needed.  Insurance cost next to nothing and gas mileage was pretty good.  Oh, the Plum was so kind to us.

We had hoped to run the Plum for another 50,000 miles.  But alas, it was ne’er meant to be.  Alberta would not allow it.  The out-of-province inspection threw down the gavel.  Our $500 value vehicle was going to cost us $2100 to bring up to code.  And even then, it still needed more work. 

So we sulked off to our new neighborhood Saturn dealership and said, “Look.  We have a car essentially worth negative $1600.  We love our Plum, but big ole’ Alberta says the car is decrepit and we can’t drive it anymore.  We’d like you to pay us $525 for it and give us a bunch of other rebates so that we could get a new car.  Oh, and 0% financing.”

Anyways, Saturn bought our car… and we said “good-bye” to our precious Plum.  Adios dear friend.  You will always be remembered.  But then again, maybe not.  We really like your replacement.  We think we’ll call him Storm.  He’s like you… only new.  Brand new.  And he has mp3 and only 6 km’s!



  1. Yeah, I always worried that somebody would spot me picking my nose in the purple Plum. Hey, wish we were traveling with you, Steph! Have a great time! Hope to connect with you somehow when you get back.

  2. Aww the car will be missed by all, we could always spot good old ken when u drove past in ole p-ville.
    Hope u are all doing well miss u so much. Only 14 days now….. Ahh its kinda scary, but uber exciting. Hope to talk to u soon.

  3. Kathy, dare you say? Yes, dare! Dare! And by the way, why must you always have to share the finer, more correct, details?! I speak in generalities… you know, to embellish the storyline a bit. So I’m not quite accurate… who ever got hurt by a little stretching of the truth? (I’m just kidding!) Thanks for reminding me. I had forgotten about that! I’m glad we were able to spread the love of the Plum beyond our nuclear family. Papa and Maga were absolutely blessed to have played such an important role!

  4. I think the loan pay off was actually a little longer than 4 years on that one as I recall paying for it while at Regent and transfering Candaian $ to US $ and feeling the sting each month. So papa and maga helped us out so we wouldn’t have to continue the monthly draw out and we paid him off shortly after that. Yes, lots of fond memories for sure. It was a good car and, dare I say, good friend to us. We were blessed to have that one and are blessed to get the new one. Now…onto house hunting…

  5. Congratulations! Hope Storm gives you the same good memories and service that the old guy gave you. Love the picture of the kids. Eli looks like she can handle the world on her own….so changed from Florida.
    Love to all. Did you get my DVD for the kids?

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