7 lessons from a highly effective diaper changer

Disposable_baby_diaper1 One might be surprised by the cerebral invigoration produced by cute little baby exhaust.  So while changing an estimated 10,000th diaper yesterday, I paused just long enough to soak in the moment.  As the familiar fumes were wafting, I realized just how much I had learned about life, faith and leadership from the process of baby bottom cleansing:

1. Even the prettiest people poop.

2. Humility is next to cleanliness. 

3. It’s all about relationship.

4. Serving is the least and greatest form of leadership.

5. Life is messy.  There’s no getting around that fact.

6. Watch what you take in… Eventually it’ll come out.

7. Somebody HAS to do the dirty job.


  1. Life is a sweet aroma, eh Paul? Or does life stink? Either might apply. Do you realize how much money we’ve spent on diapers?! That, my friend, is sobering. — Looking forward to our next Starbucks date.

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