picture of community

Img_1423 Kathy found our 16 month old daughter Elly and our four-year-old son, Benjamin, under the bed reading, giggling and passing the time away.  So many things about the moment captured by this picture depict the ideals of community.  Can any of you identify some of them?

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  1. hmmmm…
    1. inter-racial unity
    2. inter-generational legacy: older investing in the younger, both by giving their time and also allowing the younger to be a significant part of the process (reading their book and not being read to all the time).
    3. sincer interest in others
    4. Intimacy: meeting in a place where only a few can gather.
    5. and of course, i nice floural pattern for the “window coverings” which signify a respect towards the imaginitive Creator (stretching it on that one…i know).

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