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Had a great time hanging out last night with some of the Campus for Christ team that’s peppering Calgary this summer with their faith.  It’s an honor to meet so many college students that are on fire for God and ready to engage people with love.  Most of them are working in Calgary for the summer and then doing ministry projects throughout the city on the evenings and weekends.  At the HUB last night, we Oprah-ed a few of them about their lives back home and why they want to serve God in Calgary this summer.  I’m praying for them, looking forward to getting to know many of them, and hope to entice several of them to get jobs out here and join us on our mission in Calgary.  It’s very cool how God connects his people!

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  1. Hey Ken, I know I am a stick in the mud a fair bit, but what is our mission in Calgary? I was ona plane last night on my way home from Toronto or I would have been there last night. I think I missed something cool.

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