birthday dinosaur

Well, I’m 35 today.  Props go out to my mom for launching me into the world.  I came out tiny and 5 weeks premature… and I haven’t changed much.  I’m still tiny and I’m always five weeks away from maturity.

Someday, some museum may exhibit my bones as a display of a common human being from the 21st century.  I hope that the plaque next to my skeleton will indicate some details about my life that include the following list.  This list may sound corny… but I don’t care.  It’s my heart and my identity.  My hope is to be shaped by these five things… attaining to them every day!

  1. JESUS LOVES ME: Even though my bowel rumbles, my hair is relocating down towards my lower back, and my knees crack every time they bend… God’s heart is motivated to love me. 
  2. I LOVE JESUS: The only way I can think to respond to a God who gave his whole self for me, is to try to love him back the same way.
  3. MY FAMILY LOVES ME: Even though they see my worst… they love me like I’m the greatest husband and dad in the world.  My son woke up at 6:15 (all on his own) this morning just to make me some toast with peanut butter on it… It was one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had!  (The dinosaur photo is of me and my proud toast-loving son.)
  4. I LOVE MY FAMILY: My whole self is devoted to them.  My wife is my all… and my kids are my heart.  My prayer is for God’s shower of blessing upon each of them every day.  Sweet is the way of my family… in the sugar times and even in the bitter times.
  5. I WANT OTHERS TO KNOW GOD: Oh man, if people could just grasp an ounce of God’s love, that would be enough to transform their lives forever.  If I get the chance today… I would love to help somebody know that God’s heart is motivated to love them.  There could be no better birthday present for me than to see someone receive God’s embrace.  I believe that’s one reason I was born so tiny and premature!


  1. Ken, you will always and forever be young at heart… even if your hair line says otherwise! 😛 Hope you had a great day, but more importantly, may you have a blessed year, in which God will draw near to you as you seek after him and reveal himself to you more each day. Greetings from over on the ilse of green!

  2. Well Ken, I was going to wish you a happy birthday, but your message covers all the great things about you. We love you dearly and are delighted to have you as our son in law. We just wish you guys lived closer, but God must have a fantastic plan for you in Calgary. Continue to ge a great husband to our Kathy and a loving dad to those beautiful grandkids you have given us. God’s blessings always, Char

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