Missional Conscription?

This document (from September 13, 1940) contains instructions that are to be communicated and enforced in churches
communities in Newcastle, England during the height of the Battle of Britain in WWII.  Four "missional" questions popped into my head as I read this and tried to imagine the scenario behind it:

1. Were these church bells perceived at that time as a blessing-gift or as a conscripted-tool for the military and the local communities?
2. How did these churches feel about receiving orders on how and when to ring their bells?
3. Did the bells lose their missional purpose in their community… or was their purpose enhanced through this notice?
4. What is the role of a local church in our society today?  During a tragic time?  During peace-time?

There could be positive answers to each of these questions… or there could be sincere negative responses. 

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