Nakedness and Brokenness

ou spend so much effort and money and
time trying to look good on the outside… but underneath everything is
your nakedness. You can cover yourself, perfume your life, style your
performance… but eventually you are exposed.  You become polished and
professional and powerful… but inside you are vulnerable.  When you go
to meet with Jesus, you adorn your Sunday best…

But there is a time when you are laid bare before God.


On a walk with Jesus one day, he asks you a question, “Do you love me?” 

You hear his question, but are so skilled in the art of deflection.
“Of course I do, Jesus,” you say with a dismissive wave of your hand.
“Come on, you know all things.  What a silly question.”

“Feed my lambs,” Jesus says. 

You don’t quite get what he means by that… but you’ve grown accustomed
to not quite getting it.  So you’ve adapted by becoming quite good at
pretending to still be intently involved in a conversation with him.
Everybody else seems to be fooled.  They think you are really close to

You walk a little further and then he asks again, “Do you love me?”

A little perturbed you respond again, “Yes, of course, Lord, you know I
love you.”   That should settle it.  You called him “Lord” that time.
Oh, and you are so good at avoiding the true consequence of the
question.  You’ve placed the emphasis back on the Lord, the Master.
Hopefully he’ll quit this uncomfortable questioning and get back to
saving the world again…  [more…]

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