Imitating Jesus

        What an encouragement to read the words of Thomas Kempis!  My soul
resonates with this man, who lived intimately with the Lord six-hundred
years ago.  It is no wonder that for hundreds of years this book was
one of the most widely read resources in the world.  The meditation of
his faith, the depth of his love for Scripture, the transparency of his
struggles, and the passion of his words called to my heart.  At times I
winced at Kempis’ straightforward candor and yearned at his frequent
challenges to resist temptation.  At other times I caught flight at his
singing of praise and grew warm at his over-whelming love for Christ.
I shared with this brother in his words of prayer and found hope and
conviction in his reflections on the cross.
        Throughout this book Kempis compels the reader to… [more…]

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