the hub

For all of you who participated in the naming contest we hosted a few months ago… here is a peak at where we’ve ended up.  After reviewing dozens of ideas and praying and visioning and retreating… our Campus/ Post-Grad/ Young-Marrieds group at Brentview landed on one particular name that emerged unsuspectingly from the field.  Our Sunday night missional initiative is going to be called "the Hub".  There is a remarkable activity and imagery in that name. 

It’s still a work in progress, but we’re gearing up for a fall 2007 launch when Brentview’s facility is completed across the street from the University of Calgary.  We’ve got a great Lead Team and momentum is beginning to build.  Our website is finding its form… though we’re still shaping that out too.  Check it out:

Our next unofficial hub gathering is on Sunday July 8 @7pm @ Rocky Mountain College.  The website offers more details. 

May God use the Hub as a gathering spot and a redirectional catalyst to spread his mission to Calgary and the world!

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