leaving on a jet plane

The family and I are headed back to Vancouver Island today to finally and officially move!  We’ve sold our house in Parksville and will be moving into a new home in Calgary on June 28.  So we’re gearing up for the final push.  It’ll be good to see our dear friends again!  And we can’t wait to gather up clothes and toys and pots and pans and tools and books.  Living out of five suitcases the last five months has been crazy!

In preparation for all this, I spent some time yesterday reflecting back on my spiritual wrestling over the last year.  I’ve learned that following Jesus is not an easy or smooth road.  Trying to live for Jesus is not a predictable ride of blessing and health and prosperity.  As I read back through many of the "spiritual formation" posts I made over the last year… I’m struck again by how real the journey has been.  These posts read like the psalms!  Sometimes I was overwhelmed with praise and sometimes with exhaustion.  Sometimes I soured in God’s presence and sometimes I sank in fear of his absence.

Anyone who tells you that everything works out according to your desires RIGHT NOW for those who follow Jesus is selling you their book!   The truth is that everything does not work out RIGHT NOW according to how you want it to go.  I can’t believe many of the unexpected hardships our family has faced health wise since last October.  I can’t believe the direct spiritual attacks on our ministry in Calgary (I’ve actually had to involve the police in two situations already!).  I can’t believe the twists and turns that have swung upon us in terms of housing, immigration, cars, insurance, jobs, taxes… It’s been crazy!

As hard as it’s been… It has also been one of the most blessed periods of my life.  I’ve never had a sweeter time with Kathy or my kids.  Hardship can certainly produce a deepening devotion and love!  We have also been so very blessed by the encouragement and thoughtfulness of dear friends.  Never in our life have we been supported and cared for quite like we have over these months.  Our new setting is secure and the opportunities to serve God and one another are endless.  THANK YOU to everyone who has been praying so much for us.  We can’t express to you our gratitude!

We’re asking God for a chance to take a deep breath.  We think that time is close at hand… but who knows!?!  All I understand now is that the Lord is near and that I should not be anxious about anything, but in everything I should pray (Phil 4:5-7).  And his peace which is too great for me to fathom will guard my heart in Christ Jesus.  That’s more than enough.

(By the way, I hope you enjoy the picture of Benji practicing Proctology on the triceratops in Drumheller!)

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  1. Hey Ken! i must just have missed you then on your trip to Parksville. I don’t get home until July 1st from Northern Ireland! I am so excited for you and your family and can’t wait to see what God has in store for you guys. Give my greetings to Kathy please.
    In Christ,

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