A Blessed Time

What a blessed time it was for me to hang out with the Campus for Christ project group that has gathered here in Calgary for the summer.  Some 30+ college students from around Canada have hubbed together in Cow Town to work and to reach out to people with the Gospel.  It’s a missional summer for them… and I for one am deeply encouraged by their example.

Tonight I had the privilege to share from God’s Word while we gathered on a lawn out in front of their apartments in Brentwood.  I spoke wwwaaayyy tttooo lllooonnnggg… but I think God was behind most of the words that fell from my lips.  The chat seemed at least to be dead on target for what many of us needed to consider this week.

I’m glad to say that several of these students are becoming solid friends.  I pray that God will entice many of this group to settle in Calgary eventually to hub with us long term!

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