The Naked and Broken Leader 3.1

Camoflaging our Condition 3.1

“I heard you, so I hid.  I was afraid because I was naked.”
– Adam, Genesis 3:10

          Most of us prefer to present ourselves to others and even to God when we look good. We like to present ourselves in our Sunday best.  We’ve developed products and habits that cover up the blemishes of our life so people don’t see them. And we struggle to face the reality of our condition before God.  So when God comes around- knocking on our hearts- we are embarrassed by our nakedness. And we hide from really dealing with what’s going on in the innermost depths of our soul.  And we try to skirt around our soul.

          But the spiritual leader is one who is willing to be laid bare before God.  This attitude of willingness takes extreme humility and tremendous courage.  Being exposed before our Creator is a frighteningly revealing process.  For as we are laid bare we are forced to take an honest look at our condition.  As we stand before the Holy One, we begin to realize how far from righteous we truly are. 

          In the game of hide and seek, it is so much more fun to hide.  No one wants to be the seeker.  If you get caught, then your punishment is to become the one who must search for the others.  Hiding is the game.  And in life and leadership we become quite adept at it.  We invest so much effort and money and time trying to look good on the outside.  We cover ourselves up.  We perfume our lives.  We style our performance. We become polished and professional and powerful. We try to make ourselves look like Ming vases.  And in the repetition of our make-up application, we begin to hide from the reality of our delicate, fragile, and cracked identity. 

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