etherington creek

Img_1918Sorry it’s been a couple days since my last post.  My family and I have been away camping in the Rockies with some great college/career folks from our church.  As you can tell by my dirt-n-flower-eating daughter’s expression, we had a great time in the heat and mountains and glacier streams.  Absolutely gorgeous scenery, encouraging fellowship, good relationship building.  We camped about an hour south of Banff in a remote campground called Etherington Creek.  We reserved a nice group site with really smelly outhouses- but all the wood and water we needed.  When the sun came out, we froze in the creek… daring each other to submerge our entire body in the ice cold stream.  Oh, and the spontaneous killer-football-toss game was a blast!  I have the welts to prove it.  Kathy and I feel blessed that we have the opportunity to become such an integral part of such a great gathering of friends and believers.  Here are some photos to give you a glimpse:


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