Inn From the Cold

I had the privilege of joining Adam, Mauricio, Kris, Karin and Carol early this morning (6am) at the Jesus Loves You Society (JLYS) to serve breakfast to some dear people who have been hit hard by the sky-rocketing housing market in Calgary.  JYLS partners with Inn From the Cold, a ministry providing shelter, hope and help to Calgary’s homeless.  This particular morning we served a dozen or so individuals, including a family of six.  Those we had the privilege to server this morning were very kind and articulate.  They each have jobs, but have been left out in the cold (or the summer heat) due to un-affordable housing.

The family that spent the night had recently arrived from Sudan.  I was impressed by how the parents carried themselves and cared for their children.  As the mom held her one-year-old in her arms, I wondered what they would do today and where they would sleep tonight.  How frightening it must be for them, as parents, to have their children around strangers each evening and morning.  How emotionally draining it would be to save up for housing and try to care for your four beautiful children without a place to call home.

After breakfast we cleaned up the building, took down cots, and gave thanks for this ministry.  And as I swept the floor and piled up blankets and pillows, I prayed for that amazing family.  God’s hands be with them.

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