I love being a dad- and so does God.

What could be better than this moment?  It’s a moment of pure encouragement for a dad!  There’s nothing like locking eyes with one of your children and seeing a twinkle.  There’s nothing quite like a dimpled smile and belly giggles coming from your kid.  And nothing compares to unrestrained love given by a child to their parent.

I’ve got to tell you, Elly blessed my heart this afternoon.  I set up the computer and showed her the camera.  We started taking pictures of the two of us smiling and giggling… then Elly started jumping on me!  She was laughing so hard and beaming so proudly!  In this photo, she launched herself into the air and came crashing down on my face.  When Elly saw herself in the photo landing on my nose, she gave me a sly smile, giggled, and then launched herself all over again.  Oh man, what a great moment!  Her joy and her love and her pure zest lifted my heart as high as it’s ever been.

As I write this my three wee ones are all asleep.  I just prayed that God would grant me many more incredible moments with my kids.  And then I prayed: "God, let me launch myself high and then land on your face!"  As these words blurted out, I laughed.   It’s as if I could sense God’s giggle and smile too.  It was a good child/father moment!  And so I just sat there, smiling, like a little kid who had been playfully wrestling with his dad.

I needed this!  An unrestrained smile brought on by a connection with my daughter… which led to an unrestrained smile brought on by a connection with my Heavenly Father.  Amazing.

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