Yessssss! I’m a Cubs fan!

Cubs20v20white20sox21 I am still a Cubs fan.  Even though they have actually been winning lately, I refuse to follow another team.  Even though the Cubs own the best record since June (winning 19 of 24 games, including 7-1 since the All-Star break) I won’t give up on them.  No, I am a true Cubs fan.  And even if they keep winning, I will still root root root for the Cubbies.

For most teams, when they start winning it fills you with joy.  For the Cubs, when they start winning, it fills me- a Cub fan- with trepid hope.  Trepid?  Yes, I said, "trepid."  For history tells me that the Cubs can win all they want and they can get the hopes of their fans up as high as the heavens… only to come crashing down in a flaming apocalyptic fate.

History tells me that, despite some decent teams over the years and some winning records, the Cubs have failed to reach the World Series since 1945.  For those who struggle with math… that’s 62 years ago. 

History also tells me that the Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908.  That is 99 years ago.  99.  Think about that!  99 years. 

So, even though my heart is filled with trepidatious hope… I will still cheer for my Cubbies.  For between every Bartman and corked bat is the 20-strikeout game and the Ernie Banks and the Ryne Sandberg.  The words of Harey Carey keep ringing in the hallowed halls of hope… "It might be!  It could be!  It is!"

Is there a major theological point to this posting?  I have no idea.

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