A Future Leader

Max Depree has spoken often about leadership development in the corporate world.  He suggests that when we are looking for the next generation of leaders, we must look for certain characteristics in those potential leaders.  Do you agree with his concepts here?  A future leader, Depree says-

  • has consistent and dependable integrity
  • cherishes heterogeneity and diversity
  • searches our competence
  • is open to contrary opinion
  • communicates easily at all levels
  • understands the concept of equity and consistently advocates it
  • leads through serving
  • is vulnerable to the skills and talents of others
  • is intimate with the organization and its work
  • is able to see the broad picture (beyond his/her own area of focus)
  • is a spokesperson and diplomat
  • can be a tribal storyteller (an important way of transmitting our corporate culture)
  • tells why rather than how

For a review of DePree’s book, Leadership is an Art, click here.

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