when were the dinosaurs?

Schulz_visit_july_2007_drumheller_3 I believe the Bible to be true.  I also believe this world is incredible.  I believe that God’s words are behind the creation of both the Bible and the world.  I believe the Bible and the world go together… but sometimes I can’t get it all figured out.

My family went with some friends to Drumheller, Alberta this week.  Drumheller is in a region where thousands of enormous dinosaur fossils have been found.  There is a magnificent museum called the Royal Tyrell dedicated to the study and recovery of dinosaur fossils.  The exhibits were so impressive, I found myself wondering how the dinosaurs and Scripture all fit together.  I have some ideas, but they’re not conclusive.  The drive to the museum and back home was rich with conversation about how the world came into being, when and how dinosaurs roamed about, and how human life began.  It was a fascinating and brain-stimulating week.  I am so impressed by God’s massive creativity!

So help me!  How does all this fit together?  How do humans and dinosaurs and the Bible and Creation and earth-age and evolution and fossilized ammonites all fit together?  Do they?  Have you heard or do you have any good opinions?


  1. Andrew. I just saw a movie preview last night for a cool looking Ice Age flick that comes out in a few months called “10,000 BC”. It’s got whooly mammoths fighting humans with spears and huge civilizations. But I couldn’t help remembering being told by my Sunday School teacher in grade school that the Ice Age was a “bunch of bologne” made up by “athiestic scientists”. Wow. I don’t think she was right… and I think the Ice Age was either caused by the Flood or was part of the cause of the Flood. Not sure… but I know my Sunday School teacher was inappropriately defensive and soured my opinion about the “open-mindedness” of how some “Bible-believing” Christians interpret Scripture.

  2. Hey Frieda! What an honor it is to have you post a comment on here! Thanks. And you make an interesting point- that even if there was definitive proof of creation, many wouldn’t accept it. I think you’re right. Why is it so hard for humans to believe something even when it is clearly laid out for us?

  3. Paul, you’re right about quickly we can feel personally attacked when others don’t accept our “idea” of how the world and life began. Christians have messed up in the last few centuries by getting too defensive about the wrong things. Some people would say that to not defend a literal young earth interpretation of Genesis is to start down a slippery slope. I don’t agree with that… though I understand their concern.

  4. I think, personally, God gave us science. I Think there is an awful lot to learn about the world which we can be shown by science, but like any other master, money, God, etc. it can become a fanatical fascination, which is the danger.
    On the creation of the world. I have heard only small snatches of the 6000 yr. earth thing, and I have taken a couple of science like geology classes. The evidence, from my limited knowledge, seems to point towards an old earth. But as for the whole scientific explanation?
    A while ago I was considering this and I made a small defense of my position, but it has since been rocked by the overwhelming support of a young earth by the people I know. In the end I am not sure this is a cross I am willing to die on, but I do also find it fascinating Ken.

  5. Bottom line: both beliefs about evolution and creation require an element of faith, so everyone makes a decision about which they are going to trust. I also believe that, if there ever is definitive proof of creation, there would still be many people who would not believe it, because that would mean that they would have to believe that they are a sinner in need of a saviour. I also believe that there will likely never be definitive proof of creation because I believe that God wants us to trust Him, not science.

  6. i always find it interesting how defensive people can become when their “idea” of truth is attacked. there are no clear solutions that can be unequivocally proven regarding the issue of creation…at least not yet. and yes, i agree, if the earth is old, then great…if its relatively young, fine. i am only generally aware of the differences between “macro” and “micro” evolution, and therefore can understand how easily the issue can be confused when we use the word “evolution” too generally.
    the fact is, i wasn’t there, and no one alive was either…but we are here, and now, so what are we going to do about it today.

  7. Thanks Paul. I’m humbled by all of this too. There is such a mystery to it all. Regarding age and carbon dating… I’m fine if it’s true… but I often wonder about what we don’t understand. For instance: I wonder what the world was like before the flood: Did the atmosphere change? Did air-pressure and temperatures and gravity and (insert idea here) change? Did that impact how we view carbon-dating and rock layers and fossil records? Again, if old-earth and evolution are true- then I have no problem embracing those ideas… just like I have no problem embracing a young earth theory if that is true. Honestly, I just don’t know what to think other than that I’m amazed by God.

  8. i’m amazed in my young age that so much has changed over the past 30 years. My parents are amazed at how much has changed over their lifetime…and my grandparents and great grandparens…well, them too.
    with what seems to be exponential change taking place in our society, it’s difficult for me to believe that this world has been around for billions of years. add to that the fact that the geologic column which is often referred to in order to date species has never once been seen in accordance to the textbooks and that leaves you wondering how reliable the column really is.
    Add to that a number of others uncertain things surrounding carbon dating and it leaves much to the imagination.
    However, saying that an Almighty God just up and created all of this is also a bit of a stretch…i think both creationists and evolutionists (macro ones at least) must display some level of faith for the unknowns that surround the issue of how our world came to be and what its purpose is.
    I am personally humbled to think that God has, in one sense, displayed for us his majestic hand in and through creation, and in another sense waits in eager expectation behind what he has already revealed to see if we will give him credit for what he has done.
    I am reminded here of the Sing of Jonah which Jesus told the Pharisees they would see when they asked for a sign. They would see the empty tomb…and that’s it. The skeptics would find an empty tomb, but Jesus personally visited those who believed in him after his resurrection. Those who have faith are given more reason to have faith…but first we must trust. To those who want a sign, or all the answers, Jesus gives them an empty tomb and that’s it (outside of his creation if we can say that too).
    Ok…blah blah blah…

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