Missionary Wardrobe

MissionaryfashionThe photo is from a website (http://mormonchic.com) that promotes appropriate attire for Mormon missionaries. 

It made we wonder about how our Christian churches are viewed by others… and about the way we are able (or unable) to connect with the "unchurched".

Take this quote, for instance, from Ed Stetzer’s book, Planting Missional Churches:

        Most churches have focused on how we can reach emerging generations by getting them to come to us, missing the fact that the Christian church is no longer the first choice of those who seek a spiritual reality.  We can no longer think of ourselves as the preferred source of truth to the unchurched.
        Evangelicals need to adopt new approaches- not just use the old ones over and over.  What we’re doing isn’t working; people don’t get the picture anymore.  It’s time to discover new clues so we can connect with them.  But we must not love our clues more than their needs…
        … We need to think like missionaries to a new-world situation.  (pp.126-127)

Is Ed Stetzer right?  I’ve seen many many people come to church seeking spirituality- and I’ve seen many many people find Jesus Christ.  Is Ed overstating the problem?  Or, has Ed tapped into a major shift that must take place in our churches today?

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