real prayer is not an appendix

Prayer is the essence of true life.  It’s the essential component of a living faith.  It’s vital to relationship with God and this world.  Prayer hurts and can be really hard work sometimes… and other times it is the sweetest intimacy anyone could ever experience.  In prayer we are drawn nearer to God.  In prayer we talk with God- who has the power to give us comfort and discernment and courage and truth and conviction and forgiveness and restoration.  In prayer we are shaped to reflect God- and we start to become more and more patterned after God’s love.  Prayer shapes us into the people we are supposed to be.  Prayer puts us in our place and it lifts us out of it.

So we do we so often treat prayer like an add-on to our busy life?  For many of us, prayer is an appendix… which if it was surgically removed we wouldn’t even realize that it was gone… except for the scar.

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