childlike thought


Benji was photographed in a moment of contemplation while standing in the hollow of a tree in Glacier National Park last week.  I wonder, what he was thinking about?  He looks so serious and introspective.  What  sort of life-reflection goes on in the mind of a five year old?


  1. Uh oh! Andrew, it’s good I know you… otherwise I’d be totally confused now whether you were serious in the first comment and the second, or just the second, or just the first, or not in either. But since I know you and since I know that you were nice to me today and since I know that you are always honest and would never mislead me- that means I am encouraged by your seriousness which has caused me joy.
    Seriously… I spoke to many people this last week about your comment – and I must tell you that many people were convicted how they ahve stopped asking those questions (Who am I? What’s going on?). It’s easier for many people to turn that identity wonder off than to allow it to create discomfort in their routines.

  2. Ha! Thanks Andrew! You might be serious… but it made me laugh. And actually, in some five year old way, I totally think you are right! I only wish he could answer those questions for me!

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