Our infinite, intimate God

Infinite Intimate

The inner-workings of prayer are so far beyond our comprehension (see Ephesians 3:14-21 or Philippians 4:6-7).  It’s always been this way.  God, who is infinitely God, becomes intimately God to us in prayer.  This mind-blowing reflection about prayer was written almost one-thousand-eight-hundred years ago, around the year 233, by a man named Origen:

The grace of God, immense and beyond measure, showered by him on men through Jesus Christ, the minister to us of this superabundant grace, and through the co-operation of the Spirit, makes possible through his will things which are to our rational and mortal nature impossible.  For they are very great, and beyond man’s compass, and far transcend our mortal condition…

… to give any accurate and reverent explanation of prayer- of what it is about, of how one should pray, how one should speak to God in prayer, and what times are most suitable for prayer- this is one of the things that, considering our infirmity, is impossible… Since then to treat of prayer is such a great task that one needs for it the illumination of the Father, the instruction of the first-born Word himself, and the operation of the Spirit, in order to understand and speak as one ought of such a problem, I beseech the Spirit- imploring him as a man (for I myself make no claim whatever of being able to pray) before I begin to speak of prayer…

From, Origen.  Prayer.  Exhortation to Martyrdom, translated and annotated by John J. O’Meara (New York: Paulist Press, 1954. Ancient Christian Writers), 15.

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