pray that there will be more than corn in indiana

I don’t ask for prayer from you too often, but I am today.  I’m traveling back to my roots for a couple days… back to the land of tornadoes and basketball and corn… back to the land of the Hoosiers.

Tonight I’ll land and spend time with my brother Dave (we call him "Auntie Dave" in our house).  Dave and Sarah have two boys.  I haven’t been able to meet my newest nephew, Joshua, whom they just adopted from Africa.  Can’t wait to see these guys.

Then on Thursday I’m pumped about spending some time with Galen and Laura Dolby in the morning down in Bloomington, Indiana.  The Dolby’s have long been instrumental to Kathy and I- playing a huge role in our marriage in fact.  HoosiersKathy lived with the Dolby’s for a while in college- and they have remained dear to us ever since.  Galen is struggling with kidney cancer- and after a six year fight, his body is breaking (see post).  But Galen and Laura hold fast to Jesus and have embraced the pain in a way that causes Kathy and I to grow deeper in our walk with God.  I’m very much looking forward to some good chats over coffee- catching up, but also learning more about what it means to be a broken follower of and leader for Jesus Christ.  I also look forward to praying with them and probably even crying a bit.  Wish Kathy could be there with me.

After that, I’ll run up to the Indianapolis airport to pick up my dad, who is flying in from Alabama.  The two of us will then connect with my brothers (Dave and Matt).  This is incredible and may create the temptation of envy for many of you- while for others of you what I’m about to mention will make you role your eyes in disdain.  The four Castor boys are then headed downtown for the NFL season kick-off game between the Colts and Saints.  We’ll be hooting it up— Do you think we should write something on our chests for the TV cameras?!  Any suggestions?!

SwayzeeOn Friday I’m headed up Hwy 65 to visit with my grandparents who have had some difficult months recently.  Since moving back to Canada in 2003, I haven’t been able to see them much at all.  My mom’s parents (who call me "Kenny") live in a small town called "Swayzee" which boasts a booming population of something like 2000 people.  Swayzee holds three distinctions: 1) it is the only town called "Swayzee" in the world (or so they say on the billboard into town) and 2) it holds the record for the most overtimes in a high-school basketball game (something like nine way back in 1967 or something- again, it’s on the billboard) and 3) the people living there say "feesh" instead of "fish" (a fact which is not on the billboard). 

My dad’s dad, named Kenneth Chapman Castor, Sr., lives in my boyhood city of Ft. Wayne, IN.  He holds the distinction of collecting me all of the United States quarters from recent years which featured unique back-sides from each of the 50 states.  Grandpa Castor is proudly anticipating a good lunch with his first grandson… so I mustn’t disappoint.  And it will be my treat.

Friday night, back in Indy, I’ll stay with my brother Matt.  He and his wife Lyssa have three darling blonde girls- who must remember how cool their Uncle Ken is.  I can’t wait to see everybody! 

I’m back home to Calgary by 10:30 Saturday morning to hug my sweet girls and my amazing boys. 

Prayer Request:
Anyways, this is an important trip for me to spend time with important people to me.  Would you pray for all these things?  Thank you so much!  I want to be an encouragement to Galen and Laura- and to be encouraged by them, to be an amazing uncle for my nieces and nephews, and a good friend for my dad and brothers and sister-in-laws.  I really hope to bring a smile to the hearts of my grandparents… who could use a smile right now.  I also hope God will use me to speak into their lives at this stage of their lives.  I also hope to learn a lot on this trip, to listen a lot, and to grow a lot.  I also want God to care for my wife and kids while I’m away.  I want this to be a great time for them too- even though they aren’t going with me.  I appreciate my new church, Brentview, which has encouraged me to go on this trip.  Thanks!

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