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What a day so far! I woke up to my 5 year-old nephew Toby looking at me… So I gave him a Canadian Twoonie (a $2 coin) and we were best friends. Then I met my amazing new nephew whom Dave & Sarah just adopted from Ethiopia. His story is inspiring ands gets my heart stirring to adopt again too.

So after a good but too quick stay with them, I drove down to Bloomington to the Dolby’s. What a sacred time that was for me. Galen & Laura have a love and hope and endurance that would encourage even the most hardened heart. Through some tears and prayers, we spoke about dying and anticipating heaven. I asked Galen what was foremost in his mind as he looked at the weeks ahead. He said his first aim is to keep his heart in the heart of Jesus. From that enduring conviction he then wants to love and care for his family and he wants to spend time with others so that he could share what God wanted him to share with them. Laura was equally as open and inspiring… Wanting to love Jesus and her husband deeply during this time. It was a gift for me to sit for a couple hours with them- for I was encouraged deeply by the freedom they had – even in the midst of Galen’s suffering. Only Jesus could bring victory to death… And I felt like I was witnessing Galen making the final turn with a half-lap lead and ready to kick it in too full gear to the tape. What a holy time that was.

I’m just about to pick up my dad at the aiport. Can’t wait to be with him and my brothers at the Colts game tonight!

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