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Is our faith too private?

One of the most fascinating moments in Vincent Donovan’s account (see review) of the Masai people coming to faith occurred when he refused baptism to one individual in a tribe.  The man had not attended enough of his instructions about the Bible and God, so Donovan concluded he certainly couldn’t have come to true faith.  Just then, the leader of the tribe interrupted Donovan and said:

Padri, why are you trying to break us up and separate us?  During this whole year that you have been teaching us, we have talked about these things when you were not here, at night around the fire.  Yes, there have been lazy ones in this community.  But they have been helped by those with much energy.  There are stupid ones in the community, but they have been helped by those who are intelligent.  Yes, there are ones with little faith in this village, but they have been helped by ones with much faith.  Would you turn out and drive off the lazy ones and th eones with little faith and the stupid ones?  From the first day I have spoken for these people.  And I speak for them now.  Now, on this day one year later, I can declare for them and for all this community, that we have reached the stop in our lives where we can say, "We believe."


  1. Mr. Chris Theule. It is an honor my old friend to have you place your first comment on this site. May there be countless more! Since you and your wife are so book friendly, which ones do you guys recommend?

  2. Great story…thanks Ken.
    this is where i get stuck – my wife works for a publisher – so I have way too many books to read – but now i want to read this one…

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