lego birthday party!

Happy Birthday to my incredible son, Zachary!  Zac turns NINE today- and we’re celebrating with some of his friends by throwing a lego party! 

I don’t ever expect to forget the miracle Zachary is.  In fact, every day, just speaking his name reminds me to never forget.  "Zachary" means "remembered by God".  During a particularly difficult weekend during the pregnancy, Kathy and I received the the peaceful assurance that no matter what happened, God knew where we were and he was choosing to dwell with us in our pain and uncertainty.  And as this little one continued to grow in his mother’s womb, Zachary became a constant reminder to Kathy and I of God’s enduring presence and love through the joys and trials of life.  No matter what comes our way in life, God will never abandon us– or our son.  God will not forget his children, for his love is everlasting.

Have a great day, my son!  I’m so proud of you – and so proud of your maturing faith in the God who loves you.  Be confident in him and pursue his heart… For God will never forget you!

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  1. Happy Birthday, dear Grandson! You are growing up so fast. We wish we could be with you to celebrate your special day. Continue to grow in faith. We love you so very much! Grandma and Grandpa Prior Lake.

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