to boldy go…

This verse has overwhelmed me this morning. Hebrews 10:22- "Let us go
right into the presence of God, with true hearts fully trusting him."

should go boldly to be with Jesus. Though we are timid in ourselves, we
must give our trust to Jesus. Do we really trust him? If so, then we
really will go to him and stand in his presence.

I took this
photo of Elly a couple weeks ago. She asked me to take picture of her
("Camra, Daddy? Cheese?). So I got my phone/camera out, said "Okay" and
watched as my daughter ran over to a tree’ wrapped her arms around it
and gleemed with a confident smile. She proudly squeezed that tree and
wanted me to participate in the experience.

I am struck that I
need to run to Jesus and boldly, proudly,wrap my arms around him. Time
to show him off and invite others to see. No hesitation. Just joy and
confidence that comes from Jesus.


  1. Thanks Kelsey for the comment. Yeah, kids seem to understand some things so much better than we do. Something about growing up and facing the harshness of life makes it more difficult for us to have purity and innocence of faith and love.

  2. Hey Ken…
    I love how God chooses to remind and show us that he is present. I think as adults we often times are looking for the most deep and profound revelations about our faith. But in reality, all God wants us to do is run with all our mights to him and let go of the the control and be wrapped in his in the loving arms of the freedom that comes from our relationship with him. Yay for little ones like Elly who remind us what its all about!Love the picture..she’s so cute!

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