Received the news last night of the death of a dear friend back on Vancouver Island.  Tim was one of my favorite guys in the youth group at Parksville Baptist.  He was hit by a car while skateboarding yesterday, flown to Victoria and pronounced dead last night.  Kathy and I are praying for Tim’s parents and especially his sister a lot today. 

Tim gave me some of the greatest memories of my time as the youth pastor in Parksville.  Nobody I’ve ever known could eat candy like Tim could (The image of Tim gleefully carrying piles of candy in his arms while we were on a missions trip in Mexico is burned into my brain).   Tim’s passionate quote from a kung-fu movie he did with some friends for our PYM Movie Awards a few years back echoes in my head all the time: "Stop beating up my buddy!"  Tim’s drawings always made me laugh… a few of them have been used on this blog.   Tim gave me permission to use his drawings… Never did I think I’d be posting this one that he did a few months ago in honor of him.

One reason I appreciated Tim so much is that, as a teenager, he was mature and honest about the realities of life.  Tim knew the struggle of living for God in a life that is often uncertain and difficult.  I treasure the many talks we had about faith and life- and the encouragement those talks gave to each of us.  Tim may have done some things differently every now and then (like blue hair).  But the cool thing is that Tim knew Jesus, knew that Jesus had given his life on the cross for him, knew that Jesus loved him unconditionally, and knew that Jesus would open his arms wide for him.  The other cool thing is that Jesus knew Tim, knew that Tim would need him yesterday, and knew that Tim would spend eternity with him. 

Jesus, give Tim a big hug for us now.

May God be near to Tim’s family and friends right now, today, and tomorrow. 

Sincerely in Jesus,



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