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We’ve started a new series at the HUB exploring who Jesus is.  And
to launch our conversation we asked what Jesus might do with a Facebook
  If you’ve missed the craze so far, Facebook is a massive
internet social networking site where you interact with friends and
re-connect with long-lost contacts.  Sincer starting an account several months ago, I’ve reconnected with high school and college friends and network like crazy now with the young adults in our church.  Once you have started a Facebook, you get your own page where you can personalize your profile details, add photo or video albums as well as add applications to ask questions and post your favorite movies or reveal your current emotions, etc.  So we recently made up a Facebook account
for Jesus and asked tonight at the HUB what everyone thought Jesus might put on his page.  So around our
couches and coffee tables tonight we asked things like:

  • What would his status be? 
  • What would his profile picture look like?
  • What would he put on his profile? 
  • Who would be his friends? 
  • What would his political views be?
  • What would his religious views be?
  • What groups would he be a part of? 
  • What would his favorite quotes be? 

These are all major components of a Facebook account… and they are
great discussion starters.  We pray that from these discussions many of
us will grow closer to Jesus as we get to know him better.

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