conversion: part 1

Today I’m starting a new series of posts exploring conversion.  I’d be interested in your comments and thoughts as to what conversion is and what the Bible says about it.  In each post I’ll try to offer some insights into Old and New Testament passages to facilitate our conversation.  This won’t be exhaustive or exhausting… but I hope it will be exhilarating for our faith.  So let me start with a few questions.  Please feel free to comment with what’s on top of your head- no dissertations yet, okay!

  • How were people transformed by God in the Old Testament? 
  • In the Old Testament, was conversion the same process as in the New Testament? 
  • Prior to Jesus, did people experience conversion? 
  • Could people repent and be saved in the Old Testament?


  1. Great comments Andrew. Thanks man. You’re up late, by the way! Me too.
    Jonah’s experience is a good example of OT conversion. In that example, and others, is conversion a one time experience or is it an ongoing process?

  2. I have had a lot of issues in the past with the idea of conversion and what it really looks like. If God is Love, then what does it mean to follow God and Jesus? Is it necessary for the person to intellectually be aware of their decision? Or is it a position of the heart? God will judge on the light that is revealed to each of us, but I do not know exacly what that means. Just a few of my questions.
    Old Testament repentance and salvation seems real enough with the stories told about Jonah. their repentence did seem to have something to do with their awareness of the true God. MAybe awareness is a requisite to true conversion.???

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