random thought about leadership

I woke up this morning with this random thought on leadership:

         In the eyes of most people, to resist the seizure of prominence is to reject the opportunity of leadership.  Throughout history, the common measurement of leadership has been the quantity of followers and accomplishments, the display of power and control, or the ever-increasing climb of positional influence. The ancient Israelites are a good example.  They wanted a king so that they could be weighed on the same scales as all the other nations (1 Samuel 8:5 and Deut 17:16-20).   Everybody around them wanted a kingly leader.  So they too began to desire an impressive man who was a head above the rest- a warrior, a public speaker, an influencer, a human power dealer, a god of a man.  So, the Israelites got Saul, and in subsequent generations, numerous kings like him.  The Israelites sought to be led by men who placed their own innate talent and drive for influence and authority above their relationship with God and with others.
        But God measures leadership according to humility.  God called Moses to lead the multitude of Israelites out of Egypt, not with might, nor with power, but with God’s Spirit in his heart and hands.  Moses, armed only with a staff of wood and no followers except Aaron, faced Pharaoh, armed with the greatest armies, buildings, economies, and religious customs the world had ever seen.  The clash was dramatic in its contrast: God’s modest version of a leader versus the world’s leadership epitome. 
        Moses won.

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