I am a sheep.  A dumb kid.  A wandering, stinky mess of an animal.  A simple-minded, ego-headed, fragile-hearted, bleating lamb.  The Lord, though, the Lord… THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD.  Not you, not anyone, no one else.  The Lord alone shepherds me.  And I, just a sheep, am overflowing.  I’ve got to tell you about him!

Just listen to what my shepherd does for me!  The Lord herds me, carries me, cleans me up, feeds me full, protects me, frees me, guides me, leads me, prepares me, sheers me, serves me, nudges me, pokes me, comes beside me, hears me, speaks with me, walks with me, calms me, excites me, instructs me, finds me, gathers me, waters me, mends me, quenches me, rests me, befriends me, exalts me, loves me, blesses me, lifts me, enjoys me, anoints me, tends to me, offers his life for me, dwells with me, all my life.

The Lord is my shepherd.  And he is so Good.

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