cynthia hamar + random thoughts

We had a great night at the hub on Sunday.  Cynthia Hamar shared her "eclectic / alternative folk" talent with us and led us in some worship at the end of the night.  She’s got a different style than most of us are used too- but it’s very engaging and vocally very cool.  I really appreciated the casual style of the evening and the Cynthia’s warm interaction with us.  I pray that many in our group will be impacted by the lyrics and songs for weeks to come.  Thanks to Phil Hamar, Justin and Jessica for helping get everything set up!  May God bless you guys in the paths ahead.  See you next year I hope!

This Sunday at the hub we’re starting a series on who Jesus said he is… by embedding ourselves in Jesus’ great "I AM" statements in the book of John.  Should be a great series… which will probably show itself in this simple blog up through Christmas. 

Blessings everyone.  Thanks for continuing to encourage me and my family.  Kathy and I are enjoying Brentview, the hub, and our dreams for the campus/young-adult ministry in Calgary.  We’re enjoying seeing our boys get settled in their schools and seeing Elly laugh and tease us so much.  We’re enjoying our home, though we have yet to do the remodeling we intended to do and we have yet to open 40% of our boxes.  We’re enjoying each other, though we need to capture more time together!  And we’re enjoying God – for he has really been there for us, and here for us- you know what I mean.  Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement.  in Jesus,


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