why JesusFollower?

Someone recently asked me where I first got the idea for the name of this website.  I can’t remember when I first heard the term Jesus Follower, but the idea for the site first came to me while reading The Shaping of Things to Come by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch.  I scribbled a note on page 106 to "start Jesusfollower.com" next to their comment that Jesus "called for
followers, not just believers… he
called people to an active trust in his rather dangerous promises (Matt
8:18-22)."   Unfortunately the url I wanted was already used up… for some promotional website building site… and I ended up with what exists now. 

Frost and Hirsch’s book was instrumental in shifting me from a "Christian"-centered identity towards a "Jesus-centered" approach.  In other words, I no longer view myself as a "Christian" with all of the social and political and abusive baggage that adjective seems to carry nowadays.  (Yes, I am a Christian, but in the Acts 11:26 way… not a power-political way.)  I now call myself a Jesus Follower… a status of being identified with Jesus- a status of being broken, naked, humbled, convicted, freed, empowered, reclothed, and remade- all because God so loved me (and you too!).

This site also reflects my hope in the Church.  Frost and Hirsch’s book encouraged me profoundly that there is an incredible and undying potential in the local church.  That potential stems from the hope given by Jesus… and from the our response to the hope Jesus gives.  Church is to reflect the image of God being reshaped in us.  We are to live a Jesus-based life, a serving-of-Jesus way.  The Church lives out so much more than just cerebral belief or a social ethic.  The Church is more than just a community of likemindedness… She is a community of Philippians 2 like-Jesus-mindedness. 

The influence of Jesus in our lives is more than a discovery of the essential truths or a decision to accept him into our hearts.  Jesus simply changes everything about us… and in that reality is found our hope.  With this site I intend to continue diving into this truth and giving others the courage to live it out along with me.  May God let this be so.

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