I AM the bread of life (part 3)

This is wild.  The day after Jesus feeds the thousands with bread and fish, the same people demand a miraculous sign from him.  "Moses gave us manna every day, year after year! What are going to do for us?!"   First of all, Jesus replies, Moses didn’t give you manna.  God did.  Second of all, you should be asking for the true bread that gives eternal life, not a perishable gift.

Spoiled kids.  They demand, "Oh yes, give us that kind of bread.  That sounds good."

"I am the bread of life," Jesus says.  "It’s me.  I am the bread that comes down from heaven.  You must eat me every day!"

This made the people angry.  First of all, he is just a man.  How can he say he came down from heaven?!  Second of all, who would want to eat him?

Jesus hit the point home once more: "The one who feeds on me will live forever."

It’s interesting that people grumble after hearing this.  Even Jesus’ disciples are a bit gruff… and many of them desert him… Just like their ancestors deserted their faith in God in the desert.  It really doesn’t matter how many miraculous signs we see, even everyday- if our appetites and desires are fulfilled completely, we tend to reject God.  Just like the frustrated crowd who had their bellies filled by Jesus… we want more stuff.  So we grumble at God for not just dropping it from heaven.  Our grumbling sadly gets in the way of our acceptance of Jesus as the daily bread that gives us a truly full, everlasting, life.

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