a prayer

Lord God, you are amazing. Your love is so vast… Your power unlimited… Your grace so warm… Your works are a beautiful song that draw me to heaven… Your forgiveness then is no surprise…and yet I admit it is not fair. For I am everything you are not. In my sin I have failed to reflect how amazing you are… I have limited the glory I can reveal… I have made cold my heart… I have turned my ear to the dirt… And still you come to me. And still you sing to me. And still you offer yourself for the forgiveness of my sin. You deserve better than to give yourself for me.
How can I respond to you but to give myself to you fully? How do I repay? Given all eternity, I never could. You are amazing, God. Let me be embraced in your grace… For that is all I can do!   


  1. Thanks for the prayer, Deanne. I was sitting outside of our morning church service reading through John 9-11- just amazed at Jesus’ heart and the way God works through our life circumstances (good and bad). Overwhelming stuff… I felt compelled to write something to God in response. Glad it warmed your heart too! Blessings my friend!
    Oh, and thanks leaving a comment! I was beginning to wonder where all the comments had gone!

  2. This last couple of weeks I have needed God more than ever and I find myself gradually loosing touch. We have the most amazing father who brings people to speak into our lives when we are falling back into ourselves. This prayer is another amazing example of that.
    Thank you precious Father

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