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Unnoticed Have you ever felt unnoticed?

Not to bum you out, but think for a moment about a time when you thought nobody was aware of you.  Maybe you felt like nobody could possibly understand what was on your heart.  Maybe you felt like nobody took time to think about you, talk to you, or stop what they were doing long enough to smile at you.

This verse encouraged me today.  Psalm 139:1 = Oh Lord, you have searched me, and you know me.

God notices you.  Even if you feel like nobody understands what’s going on inside of you… God does.  He knows.   Actually, God knows you very very well.  He knows what you are going through.  He knows every desire, every need, every hurt, every crazy emotion, every thought, every mess, everything about you.  God cares for you so much that he is willing to get into the middle of your life, crud and all, to search you out… all so he can comprehend you.


  1. Really good questions again, Andrew. There is an idea called “compunction”, where God actually has us experience pain and suffering in order to draw us to him. It doesn’t mean that God has left the building like Elvis, but that God is working in a different way… often a way that we wouldn’t have chosen or that we can’t comprehend. I’m reminded of psalm 88, probably the most despairing piece of literature in the Bible. It begins, continues and ends in misery and fear. But there is one phrase that speaks volumes to me about the way God acts in times of trouble. Verse 1 says, “I cry out to the God who saves me.” In the hard times, we can still cry out to God… and we can be sure that God is the one who saves us.

  2. Well, I think that I am aware that God is present and active, but I am afraid that my mind and heart was drawn to Psalm 40 with the cry of How long? What does it mean that you live with an absence of God for a long period of time? Perhaps a struggle has been with you for a long time and like Paul you get that thorn in your flesh, but unlike PAul you have not learned to live in contentment in all things. What do we say about God’s absence in long struggles? Are we truly that resistant on our own, or is it something else?

  3. Hey Andrew,
    That’s not a downer at all, Andrew. It’s a great question of faith. It’s one I’ve wrestled with many times on this site. Do you think it’s possible that God leaves us on our own sometimes… but he doesn’t fully leave us? I believe we are never abandoned by him. But there are definitely moments in our lives when we feel alone, when we feel that God has left. There are even times when we are disappointed or feeling hurt by God. But even if God is putting us through a hard time like that, I think God is aware of us and engaged in our situation. Just like a parent lets their child experience something on their own… but the parent is actually right there watching and ready to jump in.

  4. So I do not mean to be a downer, but do you think it possible that God sometimes lets us alone. Is it possible that God simply lets us be? I know that we are cared for and loved by a God who will never leave us, but how do we explain the remaining feelings of loneliness and abandonment that we get, even with God in our lives? I cant seem to forget the story of Job and the lesson I learned from Oswald Chambers about God watching and allowing us to fight battles before him, but those will sometimes be alone. Why would God leave us alone?

  5. Thanks for that reminder that God is always there, and is cheering us on every step of the way!
    Sometimes it feels like you don’t really matter, but knowing that to God we mean the world…WOW!

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