open up, oh doors!


We had our first gathering in the new building this morning!  Unbelievable!  I’m realizing the picture here shows mostly gray hair (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).  It’s from the first service today as Pastor Dave started preaching.  That service is a bit more traditional in style- with hymns and some other more subtle nuances.  The celebration for those in this service, many of whom have been a part of the Brentview family for 40 years, was joyous.  There must have been close to 400 gathered for that earlier gathering, misty eyed and worshiping together in the warmth of the new building. 

And the second service, which is generally much younger in age was packed even more- filling up the 550 seats.  Scripture was read, prayers were spoken, Advent was reflected, and expectancy was preached.  We were honored to welcome Rob McClellen, the new executive minister for the North American Baptist Churches.  This was his first official church visit in his new position, flying up from Chicago just for this occasion.  He also surprised the congregation by officially asking our worship pastor, Jerry Proppe, to lead worship at the Triennial Gathering for the whole denomination this next year.  A couple hundred people walked through the building on a prayer path to dedicate the building… and the children’s ministry burst at the seams.  (Don’t tell anyone, but I’m convinced the building is too small.  Which is perfect!)

It was a good morning.  After 17 months of wandering… Our church was home in a gathering place.  Thank you, Lord.  May many people be transformed because of your work through the people who gather here.  May this building reveal your glory.  Psalm 24 is my prayer- especially beginning in verse 7: 

Open up, oh gates!
Open up, oh doors!
And let the King of glory enter.
Who is this King of glory?
The Lord, strong and mighty.

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