Christmas Coffee House

Img_2511I worked from 7:45 in the morning until just after 10pm yesterday.  When I got home I started work on my final paper for a course.  It’s now 1:45am on Monday… and I need a break from St. Augustine’s brilliant rhetoric.  The big words are starting to smudge together with the little words into incoherent phrases.  I know Augustine can be perplexing… but after reading the same paragraph five times… I figured I needed to shake things up a bit. 

Img_2505So after dismissing the idea to run naked in the snow outside… it occured to me instead to post some of the photos from the campus/post-grad Christmas Coffee House we hosted in the new building.  Well over 100 people came through the doors… an estimated 120 lattes were served (21 of them were for me… just kidding, it wasn’t quite that many!), 215 cookies were devoured, and two solid hours of jazz filled the atmosphere.  A brilliant night.  Many thanks go out to a big team of people: Sarah VR, Lisa, Sara-May, Sarah J, Kelly, Glenn, Ashley, Ryan, Kelsey, James, Cara, Anna, Jordan, RACHEL (Amazing!), Jerry, Phil, Chris, Tom, Warrenica, Russel, and Caleb, and of course Brentwood Starbucks!


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