new year

Well, everybody else is sleeping in… Elly was the only one who was up with me to welcome 2008.  We started the year off with a bowl of Rice Krispees.  We didnt’ get up until 7:44 a.m. – which is incredibly late for our family.  Wow.  So we’ve already missed seven hours and forty-four minutes of two-thousand-eight anno domini.  Actually, if we could sleep more this year, that wouldn’t be a bad thing at all.  Here are some of my resolutions:

  1. Spend lots of time with my family.
  2. Pray lots more.
  3. Get rid of any crap.
  4. Smile lots.
  5. Face challenges with integrity and genuineness.
  6. Not worry about losing my hair (I mean, seriously, look at that hairline!)
  7. Love people.

Should I add anything else?  What are your resolutions?


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