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*** Update: Jan 16, 2008.  Kathy did well in surgery today… and is recovering well in hospital.  Surgeon said everything looks benign.  Thanks for your prayers! — ken

From original post (Jan 14, 2008):  I don’t expect to post much over the next week at least.  Kathy will be having surgery on Wednesday to remove a large cyst from her ovaries.  It has grown rapidly over the last couple months and is now about 15cms.  She’ll be in hospital 4-5 days and will be recovering for some time after that.  We’d appreciate prayer that the surgery will go well, that the cyst will be benign and that Kathy’s recovery will be quick.  We’d also appreciate prayer for our children and for all of the arrangements we need to make over the next few weeks.

Added to this, our major college/career retreat is this weekend.  Our speakers and good friends, Steve McCready and Pete Morrison, arrive on… you guessed it… Wednesday.  So we’d appreciate prayer for the retreat, for Steve and Pete, and for all of the details that must be looked after that I am now not able to accomplish.  We are thankful already for so many who are helping out and stepping up.  We are also thankful to God for how he is and will be working through all of this.

Thanks everyone.


  1. Hey Ken,
    I will be praying for Kathy today as she has her surgery. Also that God will give you strength and energy to get through the crazy next few days. Praying the retreat goes well and your time with Steve and Pete is truly blessed. Give those guys a huge hug for me and pass on my greetings.
    Philippians 4:4-7

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