thaw part 2

Img_2652Had a good time this last weekend… though I am absolutely bagged.  I caught a cold on Thursday and by Friday night had nearly lost my voice.  So I strained through 4 talks without a cough… but unfortunately had to sleep during the floor hockey and the big screen guitar hero III.  It was great, though, to reconnect with some of the gang from BC like Rob, Dub, Rick, Les, Bob, Jordan, Jon, Jason, Tim and also to meet some of the new crop of youth workers in BC.  The theme about following Jesus’ example of broken and humble leadership seemed to resonate with everyone.  You can see my excellent drawing skills came in useful for the talks.   Hopefully someone has some more photos out there they could send me?  (Before the retreat it was encouraging to spend some time with Len Hjalmarson in Kelowna for a few hours… – thanks for the ride, Len!)   


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