Img_2660[photo: Steve and Pete prepping for the next gathering.]

What a week:  Kathy is doing well after being stapled together like a term paper.  She’s at home recovering and cuddling with her family.  Meanwhile, Steve and Pete humbled us with their friendship and faith.  Glad to have these two brothers join 89 of us from across the pond for the weekend at Camp Caroline

Though I really only got a few hours to spend with the guys because of everything going on in my life, one of the great results from that was the several dozens of people in our group that engaged in ministry and leadership.  Just listing the names of those who stepped up during this last week encourages me greatly: Karl, Nadine, Sarah J, Dan, Laura, Rob, Whitney, Kelly, Kevin C, Jordan, Cherrie, Tim, Jeanette, Landon, Laura, Camie, Matt S, Laurel, Sara N, Sara-May, Helene, Kassi, James B, James S, Mike, Kevin H, Stacey H, Eric T, Katie T, David F, Dave S, Brad, RJ, Kevon, Michelle, Kai, Kelsey!!!, Michelle R, Rachel B, Zane, Lani, Dan G, Lani G, Lonnie, Valerie, Luke W, Sarah W, Joel L, Laura L, Christpher, Karilynn, Tim J, Shauna J, Julie, Grant, Julene, Steve, Carleen, Shauna L, and so many others who have been praying for us, phoning us, checking in, caring for Steve and Pete, and making us feel so much a part of this church family.  Kathy and I have said many times over the last few days how blessed we feel. 

Paul the Apostle talks often about koinonia.  It’s a word he used to describe the partnership he felt with those who ministered alongside him around south eastern Europe.  For instance, he starts the letter to the Philippians off with a word of thankfulness for their partnership (koinonia) in the Gospel (1:5) and goes on through that whole letter to encourage this type of committed community approach towards ministry.  I must say that this last weekend, as difficult as it was for me, I experienced koinonia from my brothers and sisters at Brentview.

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